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5 reasons to bring your group to Scotland

You should definitely bring your group to Scotland. But why you might ask? What is so special abut this green and majestic country, located in the norths of the UK , that I should bring my group ,event or incentive at least once ? Well, well , well…there are many reasons!!! Apart from the wonderful…
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4 venue traits for leadership or life coaching events

If you are fortunate enough to be organising leadership or life coaching events, you know that people come to you for help. Your events are not built to shock or entertain, but to inspire. It takes a strong person to ask for help, guidance and motivation and your attendees are smart and successful people who…
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5 ways to negotiate a great hotel deal for your event

As a busy professional, dealing with various tasks day to day, you finally have an amazing opportunity to organise a sales event or a customer summit. Whatever it might be…you are excited. There is only one problem that bothers you…how to negotiate a great hotel deal for your event. Provided you already found a few…
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4 destinations for corporate events in Europe

4 DESTINATIONS FOR BUSINESS AND CORPORATE EVENT IN EUROPE YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TODAY!!! It is time to think outside the box and experience some new destinations for your corporate events. Old habits die hard…We know!!! However, your customers will appreciate a new magical destination, especially that we carefully selected ¬†these 4 places in…
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5 Hotel sourcing tips for new business travellers

It is often a daunting task to search for the most appropriate hotel for the new business travellers.¬† When travelling in a group , attending a meeting or creating their own event- business travellers require attention to details, high level of service, comfort and connivence. Often many booking sites cater for leisure traveller, and do…
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